How Bellydance Supports Women Crafters and Business Owners

Did YOU know Bellydance supports its own microcosmic (and perhaps not so small these days anymore!) economy? It’s true! 

A variety of makers have stepped in to meet an increasing demand for costumes, both more classical styles as well as fun and funky, and excitingly the niche markert is filled with women. While it’s great to have the guys too of course, it’s amazing to see ladies taking bold steps to create their own businesses to support the dance. 
Look closely at this photo from last Sunday’s hafla and in one headshot you will see 6 lady crafters and businesswomen supported by…you guessed it…our wonderful Bellydance. I probably would not have bought super fancy hair spikes for work but thanks to dance I NEED an awesome crown for my inner dance queen! 

Haircostume includes:

  • hand embroidered hair clips by Amanda of Gypsy Caravan
  • flowers and medallion clips by Christine Haviland of
  • flowers by Becka of Beckabomb’s buds
  • makeup by Amanda of Surreal Makeup
  • hair spikes by Michaelena 
  • Bindi by Big Ass Bindis 

It’s super exciting to me as a teacher and performer to think that each of these ladies of course loves to dance but also has transformed that love and passion into another outlet too. I love to think of when they first started dancing and then fell in love with it, so much so that they are driven to make items that many others will use as adornment for the dance. What an amazing way to express the love for this beautiful dance well beyond moving!

I also love the ability to purchase from fellow dancers, further supporting them and in extension the community. These small businesses are not easy to manage and often struggle to succeed. So I find it exciting to discover them and love to do my part to see them flourishing. While I make a lot of my own costuming bits, whenever I need to buy I try to find unique pieces from other artists. 
The next time you’re in the market for a new piece for your costume, consider checking out Etsy or the Facebook pages of the Artists above and select a unique item to add to your ensemble. It will help out a fellow dancer and be an interesting item that will tell its own story for years to come. 

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