Belly Dance Costume Resources: Links List

As belly dance incorporates a variety of different styles, cultures, and traditions there are a number of different costuming options. The links below are a basic introduction to bellydance costuming and will lead you to different patterns and articles about costuming resources. Half the fun of dancing is the dress up, so enjoy!

General Costume Information

Shira’s wonderful work on types of costumes

Great listing of types of costumes and costuming options…click side links for patterns for most of them

Dawn Devine Brown’s fabulous Hints and Tips booklet

Oriental Costumes: Their Designs and Colors (online version of historic text)


Shira’s Circle Skirt

Circle Skirts

Misha’s Tutorial: How to create a circle skirt from another skirt

Bras, Tops, Dresses and Coats

Harem Pants

Hip Belt Pattern with history

Misha’s Tutorial: How to cover a costume bra

Misha’s Tutorial: How to make a Ghawazee Coat out of a dress

Multiple Patterns

Bra decoration, hip scarf, circle skirt

Shira’s patterns, sewing tips and links

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